Sentence Completion Test 1

1) In ancient times, glass was very important because people valued it as much as they did precious stones. HOWEVER, … a) it can be made to stand pressure and hardware if additional chemical are put into it during production phases. b) it is so common today that we hardly take any notice of it. c) some glass cups have ... Read More »

Paragraph Completion Test 1

1) …… Outside, he knelt in the wet grass, tied his shoes, and then swung off toward the barn. There, ducking under the pitchforks, he filled a bucket with oats and water to make breakfast for his sows in the orchard. To get to the hogs he took the shortest way over the bridge above the swirling stream. As he ... Read More »

The Benefits of Sleep

Although we still have many unanswered questions about why we spend one third of our lives sleeping, we do know that lack of sleep can have many negative effects. In a genetic condition known as fatal familial insomnia, middle-aged people gradually lose the ability to sleep. As the name of the disorder implies, the result of this sleep loss is ... Read More »

Geriatric Assessment

People age 65 years and older are a fast-growing segment of the world population. Most remain healthy even to their later years; for others, old age means living with multiple comorbidities, limited social and economic resources, and physical and mental disabilities. Preserving current functions in healthier seniors and identifying those at high risk for disability are major goals of comprehensive ... Read More »