Advertisers may also reach TV viewers by advertising on syndicated programs, shows that are sold or distributed on a station-by-station, market-by market basis. A syndicator seeks to sell its program to one station in every market. There are several types of syndicated programming. Off-network syndication refers to reruns of network shows that are bought by individual stations. Shows that are ... Read More »

Advertising on the Internet

Advertising on the Internet Like broadcast or print, the Internet is an advertising medium. Companies and organizations working to promote their products and services must consider this medium as they would television, magazines, outdoor, and so on. Advertising on the Internet employs a variety of forms. Banners The most common form of advertising on the Web is banner ads. Banner ... Read More »

The Texel Guinea Pigs

Texel Guinea pigs are social animals. They used to live in herds. They communicate with each other by different types of voices as squealing, purring, chirping and rumbling. They also can understand each other by body language. But in captivity one guinea pig is a lonely guinea pig. If you Contemplates Texel guinea pig, you will find that it has a ... Read More »