Sentence Completion Test 1

1) In ancient times, glass was very important because people valued it as much as they did precious stones. HOWEVER, …

a) it can be made to stand pressure and hardware if additional chemical are put into it during production phases.
b) it is so common today that we hardly take any notice of it.
c) some glass cups have been found as old as 4.000 years old.
2) EVEN THOUGH English is the largest of all languages, …

a) there are words coined to describe or name new inventions, discoveries, or manufactured products.
b) they are constantly adding new words.
c) they turn people’s names into words – pasteurise honours a French scientist and atlas, a Greek god.
3) In the keeping of road maps up to date, many changes are made necessary by urban expansion and by extensive highway construction programs, INCLUDING …

a) engineers, constructors and other people involved in construction business.
b) the relocation of roads, new routes, and freeway developments.
c) the rewriting of rules for using parking meters and newly set-up parking lots.
4) Everything from chairs and fishing poles to rope and paper can be made from bamboo. EQUALLY IMPORTANT, …

a) a variety of food can be made from this giant grass.
b) this giant grass grows in warm climates.
c) preserved bamboo shoots can be used in soups instead of fresh ones.
5) In the 1940s, when many of today’s astronauts hadn’t even been born, comic strip detective Dick Tracy fought crime in an atomic powered vehicle. IN ADDITION TO THAT, …

a) he used lasers to process gold and a two-way wrist TV for communication.
b) Dick Tracy was a very popular comic strip in the U.S.
c) many of today’s astronauts have used a kind of atomic-powered space vehicle.


1=b 2=b 3=b 4=a 5=a

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